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You’ve landed here, so you might as well read this.

Dear Readers,

Mr. William S. Shakespeare once said, “Accidents? Upon my codpiece, there are nary such articles as accidents, ye errant knave!” To prove this point, I have a story to tell.

About a year ago, I was in a little town I like to call “Reno,” when I got into a little tussle at the poker table. I had won, as usual, and a certain Brand-Name poker player was mad as hell-won’t-have-it. He was getting ready to bust my keister when I was rescued by a COMPLETE AND UTTER STRANGER by the name of Mr. Douglas Baldwin who JUST HAPPENED to be passing by. He took pity upon Sam Pitzkin, took me “under his wing” and helped me make a speedy exit from the casino. Otherwise I’d be “dead meat.”

“Accident,” you say? Be careful, my good fellow. I don’t want to drag Shakespeare into this again.

Anyway, I don’t mind telling you that this “accidental meeting” with Mr. DB has changed his life. Before he met me, Dougie was a pathetic, sad-sack loser who couldn’t win at poker. Now he occasionally wins.

Together we’ve hammered together THE MOST AMAZING PROJECT ON THE INTERNET! DB is turning my words first into a blog (whatever the hell that is) and then into a bestselling poker manual. You, dear fellow or gal, are taking part in a project that will CHANGE POKER AS WE KNOW IT. Because in the coming months you’ll have a chance to learn Cigarillo Sam’s earth-shattering “Integrated Theory of Poker!”

According to DB, we’ll be knocking out this blog two times a week, then selling the whole caboodle to a big-time publisher who’ll pay us beaucoup buckeroos.

So this is the end of my first blog. For the next several episodes or blog-parts or whatever you call them, I’ll be turning over this space to my dear friend and editor, Mr. Douglas Baldwin.

Check back here soon to take a “gander” at what he has to say.


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