Cigarillo Sam Pitzkin

Learn to achieve poker prowess without knowledge or skill

About Sam

Chances are you’ve heard of Phil Gordon, Johnny Chan, Doyle “Texas” Dolly” Brunson, Phil Ivey, Erik Seidel, Phil Hellmuth and Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu. Superstars all, they’ve earned their place in the pantheon of great No Limit Texas Hold’em players.

To this distinguished list, there is a new name that must be added: “Cigarillo” Sam Pitzkin. Plainly put, he’s a supernova streaking across the galaxy of poker, a cunning player who is changing the face of the game. Having toiled in obscurity for decades, Pitzkin has emerged as a star unlike any other, a player of such unpredictable technique and innovative style that the very mention of his name causes a shiver of apprehension in even the most seasoned champions of the game.

“If Pitzkin is so damn great,” you’re probably asking, “then why haven’t I heard of him?” Your skepticism is well-founded. I, too, would have to count myself as one of the uninitiated save for a chance encounter one sweltering night in Reno.

Because on that night, I was allowed entrance to Sam’s inner sanctum. There I learned that he is so much more than a poker player par excellence.

Insane? Perhaps. But he is also an expert on the works of William Shakespeare.

The author of more than 6,000 poems.

The founder of the Inner City Children’s Poker Fund.

And most significantly, he is the creator of the most revolutionary theory that the game of Texas Hold’em has seen in decades.

This blog will explore that earth-shattering theory and give you insight how the complex mind of Cigarillo Sam Pitzkin operates.

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