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Learn to achieve poker prowess without knowledge or skill

Inner City Children’s Poker Fund

Several years ago…

I took a hard look at myself and asked, “Where are the poker players of tomorrow going to come from? And to that end, how can I help the underprivileged among us achieve excellence in poker?”

And thus was born The Inner City Children’s Poker Fund!*


Case History #1: Tommy X, Queens, NY

Born with a cleft palate, Tommy had no family, no education, no hope. The ICCPF taught him “The Pitzkin Method”. In weeks, he’d earned enough money for a life-changing operation. Knowing that his harelip distracted his opponents, he increased the size of his deformity and with it, the size of his bank account!


Case History #2: The Klatter Family, Chicago, IL

Dan Klatter was an unemployed father of two young boys, Elwood and Natty. Dirt-poor, undernourished and with jumbo Hefty Bags for attire (the kind with twist-ties, not the upscale kind with drawstrings), the three Klatters spent their nighttime hours huddled in a small, rat-infested cardboard box under the el train. But fate did not ignore the Klatters. Soon the two boys found their local chapter of the ICCPF where they learned the Integrated Theory of Advanced Poker Theatrics. The family’s fortunes improved immeasurably. Today their eyes twinkle and they smile from ear to ear, because today, thanks to Sam Pitkin, they live in a larger cardboard box.


Case History #3: Minerva Q., Los Angeles

By the time she was 14, Minerva had racked up a list of criminal offenses that was staggering: breaking and entering, armed robbery, DUI, impersonating a Hasidic rabbi, etc. Disowned by her family and seemingly doomed to a life behind bars, Minerva enrolled in our Juvenile Detention Poker Program. Before long, she gained the respect of her fellow inmates and thanks to the Pitzkin Method she earned enough to bribe her way out of “Juvie.”



* Nonprofit status pending approval by the state of New Jersey.


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